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Root Radical CSA

Seedlings/Plants Available
CSA Available

We grow a diverse mix of fresh seasonal organic produce which are available through purchasing a CSA. We have 7 convenient CSA pick-up locations throughout the Kingston area and on Howe Island. 

We use organic practises as set out by the Canadian Organic Standards. We are not third party certified.

Organic farming is a lot of things, but we are often known for what we’re not. In organic farming we do not use synthetic fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides. We cannot rely on chemical “quick fixes” for fertility and we cannot allow those chemicals to harm our health, our the health of our community or the health of the land and the many creatures that live here.

We are always trying build soil health and fertility, and that means feeding the living soil organisms plenty of organic matter in the form of compost and cover crops. All of this organic matter from compost and cover crops is the basis of a healthy soil ecosystem and the basis of healthy productive crops.

We invite you to talk to us to learn more about our practises. Or come to the farm and see how your food is grown!

What We Sell
  • CSA (full share, half share, double share)
  • Garden Plants – In spring, we sell organic plants (vegetables, herbs and flowers) that you can grow in your garden to supplement your CSA share.
  • Beef – My family raises organic beef.


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