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Haanover View Farms


You can order our products through the Memorial Centre Farmers' Market online order system.

We are an accountable family farm, producing ecologically raised pork from just down the road. Value, flavour & peace of mind accompany each & every product we provide to you, your family, friends & neighbours, as well as ours.

We use government inspected processing from around the corner. Our farm inputs are sourced from close to home. Our old school production methods ensure sustainability of our family farm for now and the future, as well as addressing concerns relating to who, how & where your food is being produced.

Selectively embracing innovative agricultural advances allows us to produce high quality products, while reducing our environmental footprint.

Our reward is your enjoyment of the fruits of our labour.
Therefore, we encourage open dialogue to discuss our farm's vision and mission.

What We Sell

Beef and pork.

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