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Freedom Farm

Certified Organic
CSA Available

Tired of wimpy, tasteless, and uninteresting food? Concerned about the growing practices of mono-culture industrial farms? Want to do something to improve your health, the health of your community and the health of the planet? Then you’ve come to the right place! By choosing local and organic food, you are making an important statement about the type of world you want to live in.

We’ve been growing delicious and nutritious organic produce for our Community Supported Agriculture members in the Kingston area since the spring of 2007 on the pristine shores of Lac du Chien (Dog Lake!) in Battersea, Ontario. We have a fertile slice of Class A farmland on the Frontenac Axis, where the Canadian Shield meets the St. Lawrence Lowlands, allowing a tremendous diversity of both flora and fauna. We strive to increase the health of our soil and thereby our plants and ultimately our customers by keeping tillage to a minimum and supplementing our soil with micro-nutrients.

What We Sell

Arugula, Basil, Beets, Bok Choi, Brussel’s Sprouts, French Filet Green Beans, Yellow Beans, Cabbage (red & green), Carrots, Cilantro, Cucumbers, Dill, Garlic & Scapes, Green Onions, Kale (bunch & baby), Kohlrabi, Lettuce, Mesclun Mix, Micro Greens, Onions, Parsley, Parnsips, Sage, Savoury, Snap Peas, Pea Shoots, Peppers, Potatoes (several varieties), Radishes, Sage, Scallions, Spinach, Summer Squash, Swiss Chard, Thyme, Cherry Tomatoes, Tomatoes, Turnip, Winter Squash (several varieties) and last, but not least, Zucchini!


Seasonal Share

The seasonal share is $450.  You will receive a $500 credit to use at market or at farm gate.  We will keep track of purchases so that you will know what your balance is from week to week.  You can “shop” at the farm or market weekly using your credit from mid-June through October.

Tuesday On Farm Pick Ups

Members receive a listing of what is currently available on Sundays. They fill out a simple form by Monday night and their order is ready for pick-up on Tuesday between 4:30 and 6:30pm.

Sunday Market Pick Ups

Members can choose from what is available on our table.  Arrive early for best selection!

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