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Wilton Cheese Factory

Ingredient Origin

Established in 1867, The Wilton Cheese Factory operated as a Farmer’s Cooperative until it was purchased by the Jensen family in the 1970s. One of the stipulations of the purchase was that the factory maintain its original name and the Jensen family honoured that request. The Wilton Cheese Factory and Jensen Cheese are divisions of A.M. Jensen Limited. A.M. Jensen Limited is a family run business with Wilton Cheese Factory (where our fresh curd and amazing Cheddar is manufactured using methods that have changed very little over the years) operating in Eastern Ontario, and a second location operating in Southwestern Ontario under the name of Jensen Cheese. The Jensen family takes great pride in offering quality artisanal products and friendly service since 1925.


The Factory store is currently closed to the public due to the limited space we have. Our pop-up store, located just outside the front door, is open for business. Please stop by and see us, and remember that mask wearing and physical (social) distancing is required at this time. We look forward to your visit.

What We Sell

Curd (fresh available on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

Curd with Hot Peppers (fresh available on Sunday & Friday)

Frozen White Curd (for poutine)

Extra Mild (C)

Mild (C)

Medium (C) 4 - 8 mths

Medium (W) 4 - 8 mths

Old (C) 9 - 14 mths

Old (W) 9 - 14 mths

Extra Old (C) 15 - 24 mths

Extra Old (W) 15 - 24 mths

Very Old (C) 3 - 4 yrs

Very Old (W) 3 - 4 yrs

Hot Pepper Cheddar



Brick with Onion & Garlic

Brick with Hot Peppers

Brick with Olives

Gift Boxes (small, medium, large)

Cheese Trays (by order only)



Grated Mozzerella

Casserole (blend of cheddars & mozzerealla)


Great Selection of Specialty Cheese


Local Honey

Baked Goods

Salami and Pepperettes


Jams and Jellies

and so much more.....


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