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Maple Lim Farm

Ingredient Origin

Fresh homestyle preserves, produce, meat and baking by Brenda and family!

Dave and Brenda Kerr have been making maple syrup for 30 years at their Maple Lim Farm.

They bought the farm three decades ago and are still working the land and raising farm fresh products into their retirement. The Kerrs keep beef cattle and meat rabbits, and raise chickens and turkeys in the summer. Brenda is an avid canner, and makes plenty of jams, preserves, and pickled vegetables — beets, carrots, tomatoes.

They grow sweet corn, popping corn, squash, pumpkins, and a variety of other vegetables. Brenda has won top honours for her pickles and preserves at the Kingston Fair in the past, but she says beyond the prizes, it’s also rewarding to know where your food comes from.

What We Sell

Preserves, produce, meat, baked goods, and maple syrup. 

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