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The Crusty Bakers

Ingredient Origin

Time and Quality ingredients. Beginning with our starters and wild sourdough, we appreciate how long slow fermentation improves the taste, texture and digestibility of our bread.  Almost all of our dough is fermented a minimum of 18 hours. Since 2014 we have built our whole wheat, rye and oat breads on the fabulous grain provided to us by Chris and Mary of Ironwood Organics. Our bread flour and pastry flour are milled by Moulin de Soulanges, a company in Western Quebec that relies on wheat farmers in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec who follow responsible agricultural practices and who are on the path to organic certification. Mid-2015, we vanquished the last of the large scale commercial wheat flour from our kitchen and now rely completely on Moulin de Soulanges and Ironwood Organics.

What We Sell

Organic sourdough breads and baked goods. 

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