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Back Forty Artisan Cheese

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Founded in 2000, Back Forty is a small creamery and cheese shop located on a farm in the hamlet of Mississippi Station Ontario where cheesemaker Jeff Fenwick hand crafts artisanal cheeses of the highest quality. Back Forty’s original raw ewe milk cheeses have grown into a local favorite and have become loved and trusted by many of the provinces top chefs and cheese lovers alike.

Using traditional old world methods and 100% natural unpasteurized sheep’s milk, each cheese is made by hand in very small batches and then carefully tended to and aged from two to nine months. In our petite fromagerie we produce five ewe’s milk cheeses: Flower Station, Madawaska, Bonnechere, Highland Blue, and Ompah. In 2018 Back Forty started making cheeses with raw water buffalo milk and introduced the new Calabogie Blue Cheese.

In addition to select quality restaurants and fine food retailers across Ontario, you can purchase Back Forty Artisan Cheese direct from Jeff and Jenna Fenwick at their dairy and cheese shop Saturdays from June to September.

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