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Find Local Food

Find the best farms and food producers Kingston has to offer, including fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy, honey, maple syrup, and more!

Farmers' markets in Kingston provide an easy way to find food from all of your favourite farmers and food producers. Find the best markets near you.

These local food organizations take raw ingredients (locally produced or otherwise) and process them into finished products like bread, beverages, cheese, and coffee.

Find Kingston shops and grocery stores that carry food produced by your favourite farmers and food producers. Find a store near you.

Featuring Kingston's restaurants that place an emphasis on locally sourced food.

Kingston is blessed to be located just minutes away from famed Prince Edward County wineries, and is home to a number of artisan breweries and distilleries.

Making fresh food and learning how to garden accessible to everyone in Kingston.

Institutions that support and extend our local food system.