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About Us

What is Modern Locavore?

Modern Locavore, a Canadian registered not for profit, was founded in 2020 by two locavores looking to making it easier for their fellow community members to connect with locally produced food. They have since created an online local food hub where it is possible to search an online local food directory, find local food related events, contribute to a local food forum, and learn about participating in a locavore lifestyle. 

Mission Statement

The purpose of Modern Locavore is to connect people with local food to build healthier and more sustainable communities. Our aim is to benefit the entire community: those seeking local food, food producers, as well as organizations involved in the local food system such as farmers' markets, food retailers, related local organizations, and community gardens. We know our activities will also benefit those not directly involved with local food through strengthening the local economy and supporting a healthier ecosystem.

Meet the Founders

Sarah and Stuart

Stuart Layland & Sarah Oldenburger